Meet the Team

Hi There,

I am Bibin Wilson. Founder of Techiescamp.

With over 10 years of DevOps experience, I am a dedicated DevOps Blogger, Consultant, and Technical Architect. I have worked in diverse domains like Ecommerce, Retail, Health Care, and Online Media.

With my extensive experience, I understand the challenges and opportunities in the field of DevOps. I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge with others.

I primarily cover the following topics:

– Infrastructure Architecture, Design & Automation (IaaC)
– Public Cloud (AWS, GCP)
– Kubernetes/CNCF tools
– Configuration/Secret Management
– Infrastructure Security & Compliance
– CI/CD & GitOps

I specialize in automating cloud infrastructure (public and private) and managing CI/CD for large-scale Kubernetes workloads. I’m also an open-source enthusiast with deep knowledge of various open-source tools and platforms.

In 2021, I took the leap and started my own IT consulting business. I’m also building for aspiring DevOps Engineers.

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